Environmental Impact

Green Impact

YUSU annually participates in NUS' Green Impact scheme. Green Impact was set up to support students' unions identify their environmental impacts and reduce them. Following on from performance in 2016, YUSU was awarded Very Good for its 2017 Green Impact submission, one of only 14 unions to achieve this and only 8 achieving higher. With this YUSU aims to continue to improve and push issues of sustainability and environmental awarenss further both interanlly and to the wider University. For more information about Green Impact, you can find details here.

If you have any ideas for changes to policy or what you want to see YUSU doing different, you can submit an idea here.

Environmental Impacts Assessment

YUSU undertakes an assessment biennially of all its anticipated enviromental impacts and looks at targets to reduce its overal impact. Your can find the document below.

Enviornmental Impact and Reports 2018

How To Get Involved

Environment and Ethic Officer - Anna Spowage - environment@yusu.org

Student Led Projects

Edible Uni

University of York Green Party

Student Co-operative (SCOOP)

Vegetarian and Vegan Society

Sustainable York

External Links

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