Departing soon? You could help out another student or charity by taking part in the Big Green Clean!


What is it?

The Big Green Clean is a collaborative project run by YUSU, Colleges and the University to help you get rid of your unwanted stuff as you move out at the end of term.

We will take your clean and reusable items and recycle them to the local community providing a new life to your unwanted items. This means that less waste will go to landfill, you will be helping out next year’s Freshers and raising money for your college!


What do I have to do?

It’s simple, fill your crate with any unwanted items, as listed below, and your job is done! Please remember to only donate CLEAN and REUSABLE items.

There will be a crate located in your college, find your nearest drop off point from the list below:

Alcuin College Reception
Constantine Refuse and Recycling Store H House 1
Derwent College Reception
Goodricke GNU/014
Halifax JJ’s Foyer
James James College Offices - Outside under the canopy
Langwith Table in the corridor of the Central Building
Vanbrugh Warren Ground Floor Toilet,
Fairfax House Laundry Room (FX/032),
Higginston House Laundry Room (VBA/W/004),
LePage Court Block C Laundry Room,
James Nucleus Laundry Room (G/N037)
Wentworth W/N/035F (From the 1st September Only)

Donation crates will be placed in the specified college locations from Summer Week 5 (Monday 14th May)


What can I donate?

  • CLEAN saucepans and cookware

  • CLEAN crockery, plates and utensils

  • Books

  • Electrical Appliances

  • Unopened, non-perishable food IN DATE


What Can I do with the stuff I can’t donate to the Big Green Clean but no longer want?

You are still able to make a difference even if your unwanted items aren’t a part of the college collections:

The British Heart Foundation will take unwanted clothes, CDs, accessories and more. Donation bags will be available in your departure packs and there are many steel donation points located on campus and in each college, so once you have filled it up, drop it off at your nearest donation point.

Leave any unwanted knives or sharp utensils in your kitchen drawer and they will be disposed of correctly and safely after you leave. DO NOT place them in general waste bins/bags.

Recycle where possible. Fill the clear bin bags provided with mixed recycling and place it in you nearest recycling bin. If you live off campus, don’t forget to check your local bin collection days at

If you can’t recycle or donate anything make sure you use your landfill bins. If these bins are full there will be skips located on campus which you can use.

Can’t take your duvet with you? Don’t leave it in your room, put it in a skip.


I don’t live on campus, where can I donate my stuff?

York is lucky to have many recycling and charity collection bins that are dotted all over the city, wherever you may live there will be somewhere where you can donate your stuff. Check out which is a handy tool to see what you can recycle where.

Remember, if you leave anything in your property you may get fined by your landlord. Make sure you get your full deposit back by disposing of your unwanted items correctly. For more information on disposing stuff you don’t want then have a look at all the options provided by the council here:

There are many other charities and organisations in York who may be willing to take your items, while we sadly cannot provide a drop off point or transportation, some organisations that may be willing to take your unwanted items include, but are not limited to, York Community Furniture Store (bulky furniture), Food Not Bombs (opened perishables), St Nicks and more.

While it would be ideal for you to donate your items to the Big Green Clean, sadly it won’t be possible for you to bring your unwanted items onto campus due to waste disposal laws. We are trying to find a solution to host the Big Green Clean off campus for the next academic year.


I have a longer lease and I will still live on campus over the Summer, can I still get rid of my stuff when I leave?

Yes! We are offering 2 collections; one at the end of the Summer term and the second just before the new Autumn term begins in Wentworth College. That means if you are staying on campus over the Summer you can still donate any unwanted items from the 1st September at Wentworth College.


What will happen to the stuff I donate?

Once you have placed your unwanted items in your crate, these will then be collected and taken to be further cleaned and stored until Freshers Week. Your college will then be responsible for distributing these items to incoming students.

Any perishable food will be donated to a local food bank, and any books and electrical items will be further donated to good causes.


How else can I get involved in the Big Green Clean?

There is more ways in which you can get involved in this project. If you are still in York over the Summer your help in further sorting and cleaning donated items would be much appreciated. It isn’t the most glamorous job but it will certainly be rewarding! If you would like to get involved then email