Department Rep Applications Are Open...You Should Apply

By Thomas Ron

Hi all,

The Academic year is nearly over and it feels like it only began yesterday.  In this year we have made huge progress in every department due to having a FULL team of Department Reps as well as some fantastic Course Reps working together to deliver for you, the students.  We want next year to be even better, and the best way to do this is to have another full team of Department Reps.  Therefore, we are opening applications now.

Department Reps are a new system where every Department has a Rep who is responsible for coordinating with the Course Reps and reporting back to the Academic Officer.  They take a proactive and global view of the department which is very useful to all.  Additionally, they play an active role in designing Academic Policy with all other reps, meaning they decide the university's strategy and play a big role in wider policy.  

This year we managed to get all of these positions filled and it is critical that this happens again, preferably before the end of the academic year.  Departments get a huge amount out of their reps, and many of them with the more successful ones saw huge improvements in their NSS scores (TFTV jumped nearly 20 points!).  Their Course Reps also get a better sense of direction and students have a more direct line to the department.  Whether this is getting lecture capture to become opt out (so lecturers have to choose not to record rather than ask to be recorded), improving feedback, or changing the course entirely, Department Reps have made a huge change and it has been for the best.  

We must keep this up!  To have a university where students feel at home, their views must be considered at every level and Reps fill this role excellently.  If we don't have reps then departments will go backwards and we will suffer!  Therefore, I ask everyone to please consider applying by completing this application pack.  If you have any questions or want to talk about it, please e-mail Frank at, come into the office to chat or give him a ring (01904 32 3647) and I will happily talk to you about it.