ISA Elections

By Roberto Avelar

Hi everyone, hope that the exam period isn’t too intense! I just wanted to write a quick post thanking everyone for re-electing me, and I wanted to give Olivia Grütter a massive shout out, you will be missed this coming year :(

Every year around 3rd term we have ISA elections to elect new committee members. I’m incredibly proud of this year’s committee, and we’ve had some great events like the Winter Ball, a Ceilidh, and Global Week. Running for an ISA position is a great chance to represent international students on campus and run some of the biggest events of the year – Plus it looks good on your CV ;)



Co-runs the ISA with the elected International Officer

Note: Must be an international student



In charge of keeping minutes and emailing ISA newsletters



In charge of budgeting and general funds


Creative Officer

Responsible for photography and publicity design


Sponsorship Officer

Obtain funds and sort out deals from non-YUSU sources


Social Secretary

In charge of small regular social events, such as the weekly coffee afternoons and committee socials. Also in charge of managing social media.

Note: Must be an international student


Welfare Officer

Attends liberation and welfare meetings, helps run wellbeing campaigns aimed at international students


Head Events Officer

Leading role in planning ISA events

Note: must be an international student


Events Officers (x2)

Assists Head Events Officer in planning events


General Officers (x2)

Support for events, room bookings, flyer and poster distribution


ISA Liaison

Works with College International Officers and International Societies



Nominations open: Now – Sunday, 1st May (Nominate yourself and encourage your friends to run here:

Voting period: Monday May 2nd 9 AM – Friday May 6th 4 PM

Election results will be announced Friday evening

All information about the ISA election timings and locations will be emailed out to all International Students and to the ISA mailing list soon.

Any questions or queries please email me at or find us on Facebook!


- Roberto Avelar