Manifesto Update 2 of the Week

By Benjamin Leatham

Day Two of Manifesto Points Update! Get excited.


1.) Break down barriers to event organization. How about a handbook for anyone organising an event on campus, along with simplifying EMFs?

The University is finally doing something about their Event Management System! Wahooo! They are going to be doing a number of things including:

  • Rolling out an online module on the VLE that runs students and staff through how to fill out an EMF, who to contact about putting on an event etc… This has been developed in collaboration with YUSU and is set to be released shortly. 
  • The EMF system itself is being reviewed so that the whole process can be streamlined depending on the user group and type of event. The requirement for a 3 week notice period for very small scale events is ludicrous.
  • A global calendar of events on campus is going to be produced through EMF form submissions.


2.) Help students improve their employability. Let's work with the Careers Service to ensure that students who take on roles of responsibility are taught how to sell their experiences, skills and networks to employers.

A couple of things on this one.

We recently ran YorHired in collaboration with the Careers Service that focused on summer internships as well helping students articulate the skills they have learned through extracurricular activities. Although it was successful, there is a need for us to think more long term about employability. We are now in the process of producing an employability strategy that will shape our approach to employability over the next few years. We are going to take it to the next University Employability Strategy Group to ensure we are working in collaboration with the careers service etc…


3.) Increase collaboration with JCRCs, Sports Teams, Societies and Liberation Networks on campaigns and policies that really matter to students.

I think there is a lot of work that still needs to be done on this. We need to be supporting our Part Time Officers better and ensuring members of College committees, societies and sports teams feel like they can easily engage with YUSU.

Here are some highlights of what we are doing about it:

  • Planning a much more rigorous handover process for the new Part Time Officers that will ensure they get the relevant information and knowledge they need from the off. We have also come up with a far more rigorous structure for how we as Full Time Officers can support the new Part Time Officers. 
  • Setting up a YUSU, GSA and College working group to better establish how all the parties involved work together on common aims, including campaigns.
  • Grace and Scott are working collaboratively on an equal opportunities rainbow laces campaign that has engaged sports teams, liberation networks and colleges. 
  • Thinking long term about how we can engage more people in the Policy Process.

Any questions let me know!
That’s it for today. Check in tomorrow for another update xoxo