PRG Statement on Motion of No Confidence

By Policy Coordinator

The PRG can confirm that on 20th January a full motion of no confidence was submitted to the Policy Coordinator, as head of the PRG, against YUSU Academic Officer Thomas Ron.

The PRG has a duty to hold all full-time and part-time officers to account, and takes all conduct issues very seriously. As set out in the Bye Laws, it is ordinarily the PRG’s responsibility to undertake an impartial investigation of the grounds upon which the motion of no confidence was proposed, working with administrative staff at YUSU to assist where necessary.

Due to the high degree of complexity involved in this case, the PRG agreed with YUSU to temporarily suspend the investigation in order to seek external expertise on the more delicate issues of the motion. In line with this expert’s opinion, the PRG was advised that due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the case, any investigation could potentially be in breach of employment law.

Whilst the PRG is incredibly disappointed that it is unable to perform its accountability function in this case, we respect that the unique circumstances ultimately mean that the issue lies outside of our remit.

We would like to stress that it is of central importance that YUSU maintains its duty of care to all students and employees, and the PRG has no desire to undertake an investigation that would potentially discriminate against one of its members or have legal ramifications for YUSU. Due to the extraordinary nature of this case, a different approach has had to be taken, but the PRG feels confident that this matter has been handled in the right way for both Thomas Ron and the original submitters.

The PRG is continuing to work both with staff at YUSU and the submitters of the motion in order to resolve this issue in a manner that satisfies all parties.

While it goes without saying that we are unable to reveal the finer details of the case, we hope that this statement provides some clarity to the issue and reassures the student body that motions of no confidence are always treated extremely seriously and resolved appropriately.

If anyone has any further queries please contact either YUSU’s student-elected Policy Coordinator, Callum Furness at or YUSU’s Democracy & Campaign Coordinator, Michael Hewitson at  

The Policy and Review Group