New Term New Goals

By Thomas Ron

Hello everyone,

Happy new year and good luck on all exams/assessments that may come your way.  The last term was extremely busy with some very serious wins for students.  However, this term will be just as busy and hopefully see some significant progress for students.  Here are my priorities:

Lecture Capture is an obvious priority.  Last term we more than doubled the number of departments who are actively supporting lecture capture.  This term we need to lobby for an increase in resources.  I will be working with the Lecture Capture Working Group to create a proposal for more rooms to be outfitted with the techonlogy and to bring in video recording as it is clearly necessary for departments like Mathematics.  I will also be looking at other departments who have begun the process to move fully to opt-out.

I will also be writing and presenting a policy to the Standing Committee on Assessment on paper submissions.  It is clear that there is a fundamental lack of fairness with paper hand-ins and that needs to change.  Therefore, the Assessment and Feedback Working Group will be authoring this policy.  I will obviously show it to students before taking it further.

Additionally, I will be invovled in the rewriting of Mitigating circumstances.  This revision is long overdue and I will be making sure that the new policy works for the students who need them.

Furthermore I will be working with Department and Course Reps to make sure that we are supporting them and I know what they want to see from their departments.  To this effect I have organised catch ups with all reps throughout the first few weeks.

Another policy I am working on is about feedback.  The ELDT is creating a feedback hub for students.  I will be working on this to ensure that this is a way for students to get the feedback that they deserve.  It will not only collect feedback but will allow students to see their feedback across the years.  I also will be pushing for an option for students to send back unsatisfactory feedback so that examples of bad feedback are stamped out and students know how to improve

FInally I will be working on the NSS and ensuring students turn out to fill it out as it plays a huge role in Student policy.