Refugee Week

By Tess Parker

Refugee week is coming in week 3, and we are delighted to share with you a diverse range of events so you can engage with different aspects of the crisis. It's overwhelming to comprehend the magnitude of the problem, so here you can sit down for some bite sized chunks. Any donations we make will go to the UNHCR. 

Here is a brief overview of the week- 

Monday - A talk from the United Nations Refugee Agency, the biggest Refugee Agency in the world. 

Tuesday - A talk with a scientific and political perspective on Climate Migration, with John Gray and Mathew Evans. (This is Tess' big recommend, it changed her life). 
We will also be placed midday in Vanburgh Stalls for anyone with questions about the week

Wednesday Board Painting, make your (possibly permanent) mark with the ISA in Gregs Place. 

A workshop on Engaging with Human Rights with Sarah Napoli-Rangel. 

Thursday A discussion/ talk with women taking action in Human Rights, come share and get inspired!
We also have talk from United Rescues, about the Agape Project UK saving lives of those travelling across the mediterrean. 

Friday BNOC Knockout (arm wrestle with your favourite BNOCS), and an Open Mic at the Courtyard. If you'd like to play, visit the facebook page and tell us. World Cinema Society are also doing a refugee week theme, they're a great group and well worth checking out! 

We're all super excited to engage with some fantastic speakers, and gain more knowledge about the crisis. With 59.5 million displaced people, it's essential that we understand what is going on, what could happen, and what we can do to make a positive impact. 

If you'd like to volunteer, we'd love to have you on board. Find out more at our FB page.

For anything else, visit our Refugee Week FB page