Refugee Week, the delicious bit at the end of the Cornetto.

By Tess Parker

Refugee Week has gone brilliantly so far, and I say a huge THANK YOU for everyone who has supported us for far. 

The highlight for me so far was the conclusion of the Climate Change Refugess talk- We CAN make a difference for refugees, asylum seekers, and those who need support in these unpresidented situations. The way we can do that is to create communities that respected the fact we are all citizens of the world, and what we have must be shared with our brothers and sisters who share this world with us, regardless of race, gender, nationality, or anything other dividing factor. 

The week is not over yet!
Tonight we will sit down and discuss women's responses and experiences of responding to the crisis. Eliza, a student from the university, has recently volunteered in a refugee camp and will be sharing footage she's taken with us. Ater this we have a talk from United Rescues, who save real refugee lives by intercepting distress signals of ships crossing the Mediterranean. 

Tomorrow we have BNOC KNOCK OUT! Come down and arm wrestle with your favourite BNOC (or just your mates, we don't mind) to Eye of the Tiger and with some very nice lighting. It'll be a lot of FUN-draising for a good cause. 

Then come join us for our Open Mic night and see some of the best live talent York students have to offer. For a donation of £2.50 to get a wristband, you get drinks deals of £2.20 pints of Carlsberg/Somersby, £2.50 Doubles and £2.25 Despo Reds. 

Again, thank you so much for the support, and we can't wait to see you at the rest of our events. 

The Team x