The Terror Attack at Bacha Khan University

By Benjamin Leatham

This morning I have woken up to news of a terrorist attack at Bacha Khan University in Pakistan. 19 people have reportedly been killed.

We go to University to better ourselves, to further our education, to have a positive impact on society. Students the world over deserve to learn in a safe environment without fear.

This morning 19 people woke up and went to work or learn at Bacha Khan University. They won’t be coming home this evening. Today I stand in solidarity with those affected by these tragic events and horrifying acts of terror. I urge you all to do the same. Every day we should cherish the lectures and seminars we go to, the reading we do in the library, the conversation we have with our supervisors, lecturers, staff and tutors, the relationships we forge with friends and other students and the safe and protected learning environment we have. All too often we complain about these things without realising how lucky we are.

Today I will get in contact with counterparts nationally and look into what support, if any, we at York can give to the staff and students at Bacha Khan University.