Why the NSS matters and you should do it

By Thomas Ron

Hi everyone

Every year Ipsos MORI comes out with the National Students' Survey, something for all third years to fill out.  Until the end of April all third years will be hounded by YUSU, your departments, and the NSS itself until you fill out the survey.  

Some of you may be thinking 'great, another survey, why does this matter?'.  However, the NSS really matters.  As a survey it actually plays a huge role in how the university runs itself.  Staff at the university and YUSU spend huge amounts of time looking at the NSS and seeing how departments can improve.  Many of the changes that departments made (through the 'You Said We Did'  campaign) were a direct result of comments on the NSS.  The numbers and satisfaction rate is something that departments are consistently working on to improve, so this survey actually has a huge effect on everyone.

Moreover, the NSS is a unique survey in that it allows students to reflect upon their time at university.  Unlike module feedback which is more a snapshot or a way to discuss individual issues that have gone wrong, the NSS is meant to be an overall look at how your time at university has gone.  It is meant to talk about everything that has happened, throughout all your years, and how you genuinely feel about university, so please be honest, because this will be read and it will matter.

The best thing about the NSS is that it takes a very short time, 5-10 minutes.  In the time it takes you to make a cup of tea, or reheat your lunch you can fill out this survey and get back to your life.  So, please don't waste this excellent opportunity to fill out a very important survey, it takes very little time.  You can do it when you are working now, you can do it as a procrastination method on your work, you can even do it before you go to bed.  It is easy to do and it will have a huge impact.  Over the next weeks you will see me and other Academic Reps out and about asking you to complete the survey.  Some departments are even going to set up computer labs where you can fill out the NSS there.

So, whether it is to make your feelings on the university known, to procrastinate on that assessment, or just to stop me and the entire university from hounding you. If you are a third year, please go to this link http://www.thestudentsurvey.com/ and fill out the National Student Survey.