@Work and Why it is Awesome

By Thomas Ron

Hello everyone,

As Term 2 is rushing by many students are thinking about jobs and projects, often searching for something that can balance our their CV and be interesting.  If you are in Education, Politics, History of Art, or English, then Careers might have just the right thing, the @Work programme.

@Work is a programme where students in their 1st or 2nd year (1st only in Politics) can apply to join a project in summer term to be finished around the end of the term, in time for the summer.  These projects are intended to help students work in groups and deliver on deadlines and are evaluated.  There is something for everyone, whether it is producing an exhibition on York's response to the refugee crisis or working with the police to deliver workshops for primary school children to teach them about the criminal justice system.

These workshops are great because they provide students with a way to apply what they are learning on their degrees and learn skills for the job market.  Jobs are becoming more teamwork driven and being able to work with other people is important, as is being able to produce results within a team.  Just having a good degree no longer cuts it, employers want leadership and past results.  This programme is a way for students to get involved and learn how to gain the skills that employers want.

Applications are open and the link is here: https://www.york.ac.uk/students/work-volunteering-careers/skills/volunteer/@work/@work-projects/.  Please take a look and consider applying, it is a great opportunity.  Details on all the projects are on the website with PDFs for students to be able to read them.  If you think this is for you then please check it out.  Applications close Week 7 so you have some time and please get in touch with Careers if you have any questions about anything on there.  

Happy Applying