Making the most of the National Living Wage

By Scott Dawson

Here at YUSU we want to be sector leaders in delivering the best possible employment opportunities for York students . This is something that I believe is at the heart of all our work here. 

As you may know the National Living Wage (NLW) was introduced by law for over 25’s with much lower wages required for anyone under 25. I firmly believed it was unfair that 2 people doing the same job but with different birthdays should be entitled to significantly different amounts. I wanted YUSU to go beyond the legal framework created by the National Living Wage. I am delighted to announce that as of this coming academic year all YUSU student staff, regardless of age, will be paid at least the NLW of £7.20 per hour on completion of a 6 month training period. 


Our YUSU HR & Audit board will review this every year as the law changes to ensure that we can financially sustain pay parity regardless of an employees age. In other words our policy will remain unless YUSU suddenly comes under intense and unforeseen financial strain.  


This change will flatten out student staff pay scales and promote equality of pay by removing pay differences based on age. All staff doing the same job will receive the same pay regardless of age. This is a great move that allows YUSU to be a leader in providing high quality job opportunities for students! We believe this will make YUSU pay student employees better than other comparable companies in and across York.


Whilst this is by no means a solution to ensuring the Living Wage, this Is a first step towards us setting a standard for the employment of students across the city of York and we will keep moving towards providing the best wage possible for students.