NUS Referendum - What's Next?

By Christopher Wall

The NUS referendum was divisive amongst students. It was clear that there is a lot that we want to change within it. 

Whilst I won't be taking this forward, I wanted to let you know the next steps with NUS and York.

What Students Are Doing

Students from both sides of the campaign have been having conversations about how we can better reflect York's voice at NUS National Conference. These talks are in broad stages right now but include:

  • Submitting policy to ensure our York Delegates reflect York's opinion.
  • Submitting policy to ensure our delegates report back from conference on their votes. 
  • Running for NUS delegate - look out for this when the college elections happen and make sure if you don't want to run - you vote!
  • Working on policy that we want to submit to NUS for the change we want to see.

I hope this group continues after I finish and I'm sure it will. Proactive discussion is the way our students voted to see change within the NUS, we must now commit to that. 

What YUSU Are Doing

Over the summer, as the new officers get inducted into the roles, they will be looking at the relationship with NUS. Over the summer they will attend training and conferences to understand NUS and from there look to shape our relationship with them.

NUS Officers and Senior staff will be coming to York to work with the full time officers and talk to them about concerns that they have  and how NUS can help York specifically. 

What the outcome will be I do not know however if you have suggestions I'd pass them on to Millie -

We will also be providing better training and support for NUS delegates to ensure their role is understood and that the role is understood by the students electing them. 

What NUS Are Doing

NUS have started work on their democratic review. I won't repeat too much of what is currently happening which if interested you can read about here

However, what they have said is that York will get a seat at the table to discuss 'One Student One Vote' [OSOV] and York will make the case for how this will be taken forward. 

It is not my place but that of next years officer team to decide how that will work and I shall discuss with them my thoughts on this before I leave office. 


This is all just to say, now the referendum is over, the work still has to be done, and we haven't forgotten.