YUSU NUS Referendum Results & Report


Following a referendum, the University of York Students’ Union has voted to remain affiliated to the National Union of Students.  

Polls closed at 5pm on Thursday 9 June 2016.  2741 (15.7%) students turned out to vote

The results are as follows:

Should YUSU remain affiliated with the NUS?

Yes: 1461

No: 1233

Abstain: 46 (and 1 Spoilt* Ballot).

YUSU will remain affiliated with the NUS - the referendum result stands for 3 years. A statement from the President will follow.

The Deputy Returning Officer's Report Can Be Read Here


* A spoilt ballot happens when a person casts a vote but not for one of the candidates listed. The electronic ballot is more technical but it is still possible to write a different candidate name, the same as on a paper ballot. On the electronic system the vote will still be recorded, but as it's not a valid candidate the ballot gets marked as spoilt just as with paper ballots.