The Love York Awards

By Christopher Wall

It’s coming to the end of the year and now is a fantastic time to review and recognise the year that you have had. What’s made it awesome? What’s made it stand out?

Have you or your group done something incredible this year? You should seriously consider nominating them for a Love York Award.

Formally known as the YUSU awards, this year they’ve been renamed to showcase everything awesome that students do, whether as a ratified YUSU group or outside of that. We have opened it up wide to anyone who feels they qualify and strongly encourage that you nominate yourself.


Get a Job

When it comes to getting a job you should always be making sure you PEE… yes that’s right Y9 English is back to bite. Point Evidence Explain when it comes to answering any question giving an example of the work you’ve done and why you fulfill that need. Being able to say ‘I ran an excellent event that had these benefits, this many volunteers...oh and it won an award’ is an incredible boon to any CV. Make sure you’re involved.


It’s a nice thing to do! To recognise your society, someone you know or even yourself for something you’ve done. Everyone likes to be celebrated and what’s more you get to attend a swanky awards do in Central Hall.  

Nominate Anyone

You can nominate anyone you feel deserves to be nominated! Even yourself, If you think you deserve to be considered then drop yourself a nomination. Gotta be in it to win.

Get your friends to nominate for your society, get your nominations in and make this something to be proud of.

We Love York because of you. It’s time to celebrate and thank you for what you’ve been doing.

You can see a full list of the awards and their criteria here:

 Get your nominations in now, what better way to put off that exam revision…