VC Teaching Awards - Recommend your lecturers

By Thomas Ron

Hello everyone,

Easter holidays are upon us and therefore I feel it is time to reflect upon those of us who have worked incredibly hard so you can get the best education possible.  I am of course speaking of your lecturers.  Some of them are truly exemplary and have helped students with their degrees.  These lecturers deserve to be recognised.

One method the university uses to recognise great lecturers are the Vice Chancellor's Teaching Awards.  These are given to a select few lecturers who have displayed excellence in their methods of teaching.  They are highly sought after and judged by a board involving some of the top figures in the university.  Last year there were nearly 3 times the applications as awards handed out, which shows how competitive they are. 

Students are an integral part of these awards.  They are, after all the ones who are benefiting from excellent lecturers.  Therefore, given that we have a week before the deadline I figured we have a good chance to nominate our beloved lecturers.  Therefore, if you can think of a lecturer who deserves a teaching award please send their names to your Head of Department so they can get the recognition they deserve