EU Referendum - #EUdecide

By Benjamin Leatham

Yesterday was the 59th Birthday of the EU (I forgot to post this last night ooops), so what better time to announce our EU Referendum Registration Drive - and its snapper dapper hashtag #EUdecide. 

In just over 40 days time one of the biggest referendums of our generation will be taking place - but to be involved you'll have to be registered to vote! Under 25s (the vast majority of you here at York) have the lowest rates of voter registration - just 43% turned out in last year’s General Election.

It only takes 5 minutes to register - just head to - and the deadline is Tuesday 7th June (in Week 9). The referendum itself is taking place just after the end of term on Thursday 23rd June. 

Students can be registered at two addresses - Your home home and your York home. If you have moved on from your term time address by the 23rd of June make sure you're registered at your home home address as well! In fact, register at both just in case. It's worth it!

Look out for the posters and flyers popping up all over campus over the next few weeks. Also, make sure you head down to the Courtyard for their Eurovision Party on Saturday. It will be poppinnn! 

Students voices could well prove decisive in the EU referendum; make sure yours is heard.