Policy Consultation Term 3

By Benjamin Leatham

It's that time of the term again! We have 6 Policy Ideas out that we need your opinions on! This is your opportunity to feed into our democratic processes and make your voice heard.

The policy ideas are:

  1. ‘Toilets For All!’ ­ Gender Neutral Toilets [Submitted by Lucas North and the Trans* Committee]
  2. Bye­Law Change 1: By­Law 11 (Accountability) and By­Law 9 (Creating Policy), changes to aid transparency [Submitted by Richard Crawshaw & Johannes Huber]
  3. By­Law Change 2: By­Law 4 (Policy & Review Group), changes to PRG remit [Submitted by Richard Crawshaw & Johannes Huber]
  4. By­Law Change 3: By­Law 4 (Policy & Review Group), changes to PRG handover requirements [Submitted by Richard Crawshaw & Johannes Huber]
  5. By­Law Change 4: By­Law 10 (Student Opportunities), Increasing Society Flexibility: Allowing Societies to Appoint their Committee [Submitted by Chris Wall]
  6. By­Law Change 5: By­Law 1 (Membership), Introduction of an Associate Membership fee for non­YUSU Society Members [Submitted by Chris Wall]

Find the full policy pack here:



The deadline to provide feedback on the 6 Policy Ideas is *MONDAY NEXT WEEK*. You can do so here:

Any questions feel free to ask me at b.leatham@yusu.org