Walmgate Stray Lighting - RESULT

By Benjamin Leatham

Back in November I started a petition about the lack of lighting on Walmgate Stray. After 6 months of discussions with Councillors, the Council and local ward members, we have a RESULT! Due to lack of funds and concerns around safety it wasn't an option to simply install standard lighting. With the help of local Councillor Andy D’Agorne, funding has been secured from the local ward for an alternative solution. Luminous disks are going to be installed along the path as seen in the photo below!  ​

These disks will hopefully help to address the three issues raised in the petition:

  1. The lack of lighting means that the area is hugely inaccessible to people with certain disabilities e.g. visually impaired.
  2. A number of people have been injured whilst walking through Walmgate Stray at night from collisions with bikes / wildlife and from slipping on ice etc...
  3. People feel very unsafe when walking down Walmgate Stray at night. 

The installation of the disks will take place at some point over the summer in time for the winter months. 

This is a fantastic result and just shows what a collective student voice can achieve in the local area. This may not solve the problem entirely but it will definitely have a positive impact. A HUGE thank you to Councillor Andy D’Agorne for all his support with this.

The ward will be looking for feedback on the disks once installed so look out for a feedback form closer to the time.