RAG Week was Fun (apart from that time when my legs got waxed)

By Alex Lusty (Activities Officer)

Unless you’ve buried your head in the sand, you probably heard me shouting about RAG week a couple of weeks ago. This was a weeklong extravaganza of fundraising and celebration. The variety of events was huge, and from The Great York Bake Off to RAG parade it was great to see so many people getting involved. Something else which really shone through to me was the commitment of the people involved with RAG. They nominated themselves for Take Me Out (I look forward to our “date”, Millie), they gleefully tore hair off mine and Isaac’s legs (though I have learned that York students really need to improve their waxing techniques) and they braved the cold to help to make the penny line. All of the guys on RAG committee were total heroes throughout, and they helped to ensure that we had a really great week.

One part of the week sticks out for me though. I was working in the office, and saw the International Student’s Association filter into YourSpace for their weekly coffee event. One member (I won’t reveal their name so as to save embarrassment) politely knocked on my door, and asked if he could borrow a collection bucket so the ISA could raise money for RAG at their event. It’s small acts like that which really made the week special for me; little bits of kindness to help to support fellow students and charities really helped to keep up enthusiasm.

Now though, we can reveal that those small acts added up to a big total. Over RAG week, we managed to raise an incredible £1701.13, smashing last year’s total in the process. This is a huge achievement, so a massive thank you and well done to everyone who engaged.

Now we can look forward to some really exciting events for next term, including a not-so-small thing called Jail Break… Stay tuned!