Your NUS Delegates for 2017!

By Millie Beach (Union President)

As well as the college elections over the last couple of weeks, you've also been voting for your NUS Delegates - the four lucky students who get to head down to Brighton with me next April to represent YUSU at the NUS National Conference. Around 1,000 delegates from across the country will be travelling to Brighton to come together to discuss policy, hold the NUS Officers to account and elect the Leadership of NUS for the 2017/18 year.

We had nearly 1,000 of you vote on the NUS Delegate positions, and the successful candidates are:

  • Dom Smithies
  • Alex Lusty
  • Catherine Yarrow
  • Lucas North


What Next?

Over the last few years delegates from YUSU have made real strides forwards with the motions they’ve taken to National Conference. You can find out more about the four motions taken by YUSU to the 2016 NUS National Conference in this blog.

In 2016 our delegates had a One Member, One Vote motion heard by conference for the first time - although it was rejected, the team ensured an important debate was heard - and we’ve promised to continue to push for democratic reform.

A mental health motion taken by our delegates passed, and asks the NUS to take a serious look at the state of mental health provision across UK universities. This Nouse article fills in a little more of the detail.

Last year, you voted to remain affiliated with the NUS for a further 3 years - but it was a tight race. In a series of statements published after the result, Ben Leatham (ex-YUSU President) and Chris Wall (ex-Student Activities Officer) pledged that YUSU would continue to work with the NUS, but also make the case for change from within.

Sending a strong team of delegates is a huge part of that, as is continuing to push for One Member, One Vote and voicing the concerns of students that expressed dissatisfaction in our referendum. NUS have made assurances that they’ve heard what unions across the country have said - and have promised to make democratic reform, it’s our role as delegates to hold them to that.

If you've got any questions feel free to shoot me an email, or get in touch on Facebook/Twitter.