Academic Representation is Important Because...

 By Tamaki (Academic Officer)

As you put in your nominations for love York awards and think about your friends and other students on campus who you think have done a phenomenal job this year, try to think about all the different areas where students can make a difference. Networks, societies, sports, campaigns… And academia! 

The categories academic reps and societies could get nominated in are: 

  • Academic Representation
  • Committee of the Year 
  • Outstanding Contribution to Student Life 
  • Outstanding Leadership 
  • Extra Mile

Academic representation has always happened at a local university level, but with the changing HE sector and bill, academic representation will matter more than ever to fight for student voice to stay in education. There is more pressure than ever for reps to deliver results. Your reps engaged in multiple debates, campaigns and even a referendum this year, stepping up to national and local challenges that were thrown at them.

We need to show that students can and will be engaged, especially as the university and the UK move towards plans that will impact students for decades to come. We need to encourage academic representatives that their work is valued and an important part of student representation.

Why should you nominate someone in academic representation for the Love York Awards? Because they play a crucial part in making sure the university reflects student needs. They go above and beyond to make sure our university stays rigorous and fair. They provide platforms for other students to speak on. They work hard to provide you with a community, both inside and outside your course. They work behind the scenes, but that doesn’t mean their work should go unnoticed!

Go nominate your favourite academic rep at: