PRG Meeting

By Jack Harvey (Policy Coordinator)

Over this term and into the summer, YUSU will be reforming several elements of its governance and policy-making. It’s important that we keep members of the union informed on what will be going on and enable you to have your say on changes that may affect you.

After the referendum on incorporation last term, YUSU is going through several large internal changes at the moment. Most importantly, our governing document, the constitution, is being reviewed and revised as it is converted into a memorandum and articles of association that suits the union as a future Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee.

Because of this, the by-laws to the constitution are also due for review. The by-laws are extensions of the constitution, explaining more specific elements of procedure such as how YUSU holds referenda or elections, or the role and responsibilities of a trustee. Some important details in the by-laws will be built into the memorandum and articles of association, meaning that the by-laws themselves are likely to change and be reordered.

The Policy Review Group will be involved in the review of the constitutional by-laws. Where there are substantial changes, we hope to monitor to process and, where possible, keep the student body informed of how things are changing.

The way that policies are made is also subject to review and improvement. The Policy Review Group and I will be working with YUSU to address some areas for improvement in the policy process, including how well the policy process is publicised and discussed, how easy and inclusive it is for students to submit policy ideas, and how consultation is carried out in an informative and fair manner.

Additionally, the Policy Review Group will be overseeing one policy process this term. It is not too late to submit your ideas for YUSU policy – email with your policy suggestions.

In short, lots of things are happening within YUSU! I should stress that YUSU won’t be changing any of its core principles, nor will it be making drastic changes to its structure and organisation; but students should be made aware of what’s going on regardless.

If you want to hear about the proposed policy changes, internal reviews and also about policy proposals that will enter the policy process this term, please feel free to join the PRG in V/123a on Friday 28th at 10am. It’s your constitutional right to be able to come along. Guests speak at the discretion of the Policy Coordinator (me!) and I will ensure that the meeting is properly minuted.

Check out the Facebook event here.

Also, the union’s Annual General Meeting will be held later in the term. Mark Week 4 in your diary to find out about what the Sabbatical Officers have been doing as their year comes to an end, along with other important news and developments for YUSU.