My Faculty Rep Experience

By Marina (Arts & Humanities Faculty Rep)

As my time as Faculty Rep for the Arts and Humanities ends, I was asked to write about my experience with the role. Since being a fresher, I have seen the faculty develop and am proud to have been involved in some of the changes it has undergone. The role was entirely new when I started and it is still in the process of being shaped. 

Having the opportunity to work behind-the-scenes with the university and student union has been invaluable. For instance, all of the faculty reps sit at Senate, the highest academic board. This gives a platform for the student voice to be heard. It also includes a speech from the Vice-Chancellor, Koen Lamberts and I found it quite assuring to hear his take on the EU referendum first-hand. He commented on its implications and spoke on handling these concerns in the most strategic way possible.

The YUSU meetings will also be a memorable take-away from my time as faculty rep. We have productive discussions and engaging debates. I also feel especially privileged to have met Sorana Vieru, Vice-President of the NUS, as a guest speaker of one of our meetings. 

If you think you would enjoy being involved in the management and development of your faculty, please nominate yourself by emailing before the end of Week 9 (Friday 10th March).                       

Thanks for reading, 


(Arts & Humanities Faculty Rep)