National Student Survey - Referendum on a Proposed Boycott

What’s Happening?

Our Policy & Review Group, headed up by the elected Policy Coordinator, has decided to move forward with a referendum on whether YUSU should support the NUS’s planned boycott of the National Student Survey (NSS). This has been brought forward following the submission of a policy motion which the Officer Group, in conjunction with the PRG felt warranted a cross-campus referendum.  James Humpish, the Policy Coordinator explains:

"The question of whether YUSU should support a boycott of the NSS was originally supposed to be included in the current policy review. Once the policy pack was released, the officer group considered the time-sensitivity of the issue and voted that it went to referendum as is their prerogative. In any case, it will be the student body as a whole that determine the result and I look forward to an engaging debate, campaigning and voting."


What is a YUSU Referendum?

A YUSU referendum is a vote that is open to every student. Students will be asked to respond ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Abstain’ to the question:

‘Should YUSU campaign for students to boycott the National Student Survey (NSS)?’

More information on how a referenudm operates at YUSU can be found here.

The outcome will be decided by a simple majority. To reach quoracy 5% of YUSU members must vote. If under 5% of members vote then no change will be made.

Find out more on our referendum page.

Further information including key contacts for the campaign teams will follow shortly.  If you’re interested in joining either campaign team please email