So long, farewell, I've cleaned the house, goodbyeeee

By Millie Beach (Union President)

Hi friends!


So we are now in the final week of term so I thought I’d just write a blog with some advice on how to move out of your house, keep your deposit and not annoy your neighbours. There’s loads of advice here on what to recycle/reuse/how to clean/where you can take stuff, so read on and channel your inner Kim and Aggie.


Top quality cleaning tips from YUSU towers:


General rules:

  • Work from 'top-to-bottom'. Start upstairs and work your way down. In each room, clean the ceiling and light fittings first with a feather duster, and vacuum carpets last. This way, any dirt you dislodge gets swept up later on.

  • Remember to remove poster hook/tape/bluetack/drawing pins as you go, unless your landlord/lady/person gave you permission to put them up.

  • Vinegar mixed with water and a bit of baking soda literally cleans anything and everything. Shower, kitchen surfaces, hobs, washing machine. It is the DREAM.



  • Use Oven Pride to clean your oven- the one with the bag where you can leave it overnight.

  • Take a lemon, cut it in half, put it in a microwavable mug/jug/bowl along with a 2 cups of water, and microwave for 5 minutes. Once finished, let bowl/mug/jug rest for a minute, then take out and wipe down the microwave with a sponge or cloth. Voila- food remnants and staining should wipe off more easily! For stubborn stains and food, repeat!

  • White vinegar on everything! And baby oil makes hobs really shiny!

  • Clean out all cabinets, this is a super easy way to avoid losing your deposit.



  • Toilet seats that are a bit stained wet some loo roll and stick it to the offending area and it will lift up stubborn stains after a while.

  • Use coke to clean badly stained toilet (coke of the drinking variety, not snorting variety)

  • Use soda crystals to clean plugholes - put a mug full of soda crystals down the plug hole, then pour a kettle of hot water down the plug hole.

  • If you do use sprays, buy one of the cheap gardening squirty bottles and use a drop of bleach, more cost effective than using purpose bought sprays.

  • Clean the mirror - 1 part white vinegar and 4 parts warm water, on a cloth, and wipe down.


Living Room/bedroom:

  • If you live in a house full of people with long hair, the hair + carpets conundrum can be problematic. I’ve discovered that if you buy a cheap squeegee, you can use that to matte the hair and get it out of the carpet.

  • Dust the ceiling fixtures and window sills and seals.

  • Actually move the furniture and hoover around it.

  • Wash the walls with a damp cloth and watered down cream cleaner! Gets off most scratches and grubby marks.


That’s cool...but where can I actually put my stuff?


Excellent question, young grasshopper, and there are a whole load of options provided by the council, here:


So basically…


For getting rid of bulky items of furniture…


For getting rid of books/textbooks etc…


For getting rid of paper/card/notes/handouts…

  • Recycle! You should have paper recycling available at your house.


For getting rid of the ever growing pile of plastic bags in the corner of the kitchen…

  • You can recycle plastic bags at the following locations:

    • Sainsbury's Supermarket, Monks Cross

    • Sainsbury's Supermarket, Fossbank

    • Morrison's Acomb

    • Morrison's Foss Islands Road

    • Waitrose Foss Islands Road

    • ASDA car park Monks Cross


For getting rid of clothes…

  • You can take them to a local British Heart Foundation recycling bank (there’s one on the corner of Heslington Road/Barbican road)

  • Sell them on the York Uni Swap Shop page:

  • Donate to a charity shop!


For getting rid of food…

  • If you have any perishable foods please throw them away!

  • Non-perishable items can be handed in at the YUSU helpdesk. This food will be taken to York Foodbank or given to YourCafé


For getting rid of pots and pans…

  • Donate them to a local charity

  • Donate them to the central point at each college that is collecting for the Big Green Clean.

  • If you live off campus, smuggle them onto campus and add them to the Big Green Clean boxes at a central point in each college. These items will all be cleaned and redistributed next Freshers’ Week, raising money for RAG.


Lastly, Hazelcourt Household Waste Recycling Centre is located off James Street (which is a turning off Lawrence Street so not that far away from many of you!). You can dispose of the following things there:


  • paper, cardboard, metal cans/tins, glass bottles & jars, tetra pak cartons

  • hard plastic (such as toys, patio furniture)

  • textiles, shoes

  • garden waste

  • soil, rubble, turf (please see our chargeable waste section)

  • electrical equipment, fluorescent tubes, fridges, freezers

  • household batteries

  • wood, scrap metal

  • car oil, gas bottles

  • bonded asbestos (please see our chargeable waste section)

  • general landfill waste


I hope this helps friends x