Term 2, Policy Outcome Pack

Having been submitted to the policy coordinator and fed through consultation, an Idea to adopt a formal policy and actions on domestic abuse has been accepted. An Idea to adopt a policy of solidarity with University College Union has been rejected as well as an Idea to allow societies to endorse candidates in YUSU elections.

This cycle saw four policies being sent out for consultation with one regarding supporting a boycott of the National Student Survey being picked up immediately for a referendum. This was subsequently excluded from the consultation. Having been sent to all Full Time Officers, Part Time Officers and College Presidents, there was a two week period to generate feedback on whether policies were supported or not. Regrettably, there was not a huge degree of returned feedback and of those returned some gave indications of support or lack of support but did not substantiate with reasons.

Ultimately the Policy Review Group unanimously agreed on what was to be taken away from the feedback on each policy with a consensus rejecting the adoption of a policy of solidarity with UCU, accepting a policy which would see a position and action taken with respect to domestic abuse and a rejection of allowing society endorsements of officer candidates. The outline of feedback along with PRG comments is detailed below. Feedback from groups were quoted verbatim and as such may contain spelling errors. 

The Policy Review Group consists of James Humpish (Chair), Henry Harrison, Joe Bowen, Rohin Sharma and Lizzie Nuttall.


Policy Outcome Pack