Annual General Meeting

YUSU Officer Question Time

What is the AGM?

The AGM is the meeting where students can hold the Union’s activities to account. You will be able to attend in order to examine YUSU’s activities over the previous year. It is a time when you will be able to hold the sabbatical officers (and the other Trustees of the Union) to account and for them to update the members on their activities. AGMs are a key part of YUSU’s calendar and all students are welcome to attend.


What will be discussed. Why is it important?

During the AGM we will be discussing the following:

  • A report from the trustees: this will cover their activities through 2016-17 and you will be able to hear if they have achieved what they set out to upon coming into post.

  • A review of the Union’s financial accounts: this will enable you to see where the union spends its money.

  • A listing of union affiliations: this will allow you to have a better idea of who YUSUs affiliations are, these include NUS and BUCs

  • A discussion on YUSU’s current Policy Review: this will include our update of the By-Laws.

  • A discussion of Governance: in term 2 students decided that YUSU should go through the process of incorporation, giving YUSU a legal structure that will enable us to represent you in a more accountable and fair manner. We will be discussing and updating the progress and plans for this during the meeting.

  • Our plans for a voter registration and encouraging students to participate in the upcoming general elections: we want to encourage as many students as possible to register for the general elections and to vote.


When and where?

Venue: YourSpace

Time: 17:00-19:00

Date: Tuesday 9th May, Week 4