Students back motion to adopt a new Working Class and Social Mobility Officer for YUSU

Announcing the results of the first referendum of the academic year, YUSU’s Policy Coordinator, Jack Harvey said:

“University of York Students have voted to introduce a new Part Time Officer position, a Working Class and Social Mobility Officer that will be tasked with ensuring working class students are considered in decision-making.”

“The referendum saw 990 students vote, reaching the quoracy threshold of 5% of the student body.”

The referendum follows a motion to create the post that was submitted to the Union by students in June 2017.  Proposing the motion, Jacob Webb and Michaela Tharby stated they wanted the new officer to “be an advocate for and represent the interests of students from a lower socioeconomic background. Working-class students often feel isolated, and are less likely to do as well in educational attainment. This officer position would work to fix this, and make sure York is a leader in working class participation.”

The motion will be subject to confirmation by the Union’s Board of Trustees.  If approved, elections for the post would be held in due course.      

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