YUSU Referendum; call for campaign leaders!

Last term, students submitted a motion to create a new Part-Time Officer position, a Working-Class & Social Mobility Officer, at our Union.

The motion went through our policy process. Having received strong feedback both in favour and against the motion, the student-led Policy & Review Group decided that we should submit the motion to the student community as a whole, in the form of a referendum.

The referendum, on whether YUSU should adopt this new officer position, will be held later this term. There will be opportunities to participate in campaigns for and against the motion, observe a formal debate between campaigners and vote on the motion.

Formal online campaigning will commence in Week 6 of this term. In Week 7 the official referendum debate will be held, in which campaign leaders will argue their cases to a student audience and respond to audience questions.

At the close of the debate, voting begins and will be open until 5pm, Friday of that week. Campaigners will be able to campaign in person and with physical material in this week. The results of the referendum will be announced in Week 8.


YUSU is looking for students to lead the campaigns for and against the motion.

Campaign leaders, known as Campaign Coordinators, will be required to meet with the Union President and the Policy Coordinator to agree the wording of the referendum motion. It is expected that campaign leaders will participate in the official referendum debate.

Campaign Coordinators are expected to manage their campaigns and teams according to the Union’s referendum rules. Campaign Coordinators should ensure that their teams campaign respectfully and within the budget allotted to them.

It is possible for two students to act as co-leaders of a campaign team. It is expected that both co-leaders will represent their side at the official referendum debate.

Students who are interested in leading the campaigns should contact returningofficer@yusu.org.

The deadline to apply to lead a campaign is Wednesday 25th October (Week 5).