2018 YUSU Elections...The results are in

Please Note: This blog was edited on 5th March 2018  to reflect corrections to the NUS delegate election.

Ballots stations have closed and an incredible 5,735 students turned out to vote.  After two weeks of passionate campaigning, we’re delighted to announce the new officer team:   


Full Time Officers 2018-19 (from July 2018)

  • Union President: James Durcan

  • Academic Officer: James Hare

  • Student Activities Officer: Finn Judge

  • Community & Wellbeing: Steph (Effy) Hayle

  • York Sport President: Zac Sheppard


Part Time Officers (from summer term 2018)

  • Working Class Officer: Connor Drake and Sean Price-Regan

  • BAME Officers: Nayomi Karthigesu & Hannah Joseph-Asikhia

  • Disabled Students Officer: Chloe Hann & Scarlett Bacchus-O’Callahan

  • Environment & Ethics Officer: Oscar Bentley

  • Mature Students' Officers: Hanna Bryszewska

  • RAG Officers: Elina Kukk and Lucy Waldren

  • LGBTQ Officer: Gem Card

  • Women's Officers: Nadine Smith and Sophie Meehan


Other roles

  • Student Trustees: Maryam Taher and Christian Stickles (from 21 June 2018)

  • Policy Coordinator: Josh Mackenzie (from summer term 2018)

  • Faculty Rep - Sciences: Zoe Disley

  • Faculty Rep - Arts and Humanities: ‘RON’

  • NUS Delegates: (Four places) Maryam Taher, James Everyman, Jack Galea, Lucas North



Candidates were not fielded for the following positions which means a by-election will  now be run to elect the following positions:

  • International Students' Officer

  • Faculty Rep Social Sciences

  • Volunteering Officer


A by-election will also be run for the following positions, in which voters selected to Re-Open Nominations:  

  • Faculty Rep for Arts and Humanities


Please contact elections@yusu.org if you are interested in standing.

Congratulations to all the candidates.  We’re looking forward to working with you over the next year.   And thank you to every student that took the time to vote.