What has your Activities Officer been up to?

Mikey Collinson (Activities Officer)

Happy new year one and all!

This term I’m challenging myself to write a blog every week to let you know all the things I’ve been up to. So, here’s a quick run-down on everything I got up to in week 1 (this week’s update will be out soon so watch this space!):



Monday was spent focusing on setting this terms priorities and really looking at areas of my manifesto I’d like to focus on this term. One of these areas is training so I’ve been working with staff to see where we can collaborate in the activities remit (Societies, RAG, Vol and media) - hopefully doing this will help to level the playing field/discrepancies between different areas of activities when it comes to training.



Elections are here! As a Sabb team we looked at what we can learn from last year’s elections. We’re also looking really closely at how YUSU can better support candidates (such as changing the order of candidate training) you’ll be hearing a lot more about elections over the next few weeks but if you’re interested in running, nominations are open now!

Aside from elections planning, I’ve also been working with JP on ways that academic reps and academic societies could potentially collaborate. We’ve got some great ideas (if I do say so myself) and looking forward to sharing with reps and socs!



I started looking into a RAG review, another priority of mine for this term! I kicked this off by looking at the different areas of RAG and the groups of people that are/could be involved. From this I’ve got some key areas to focus on over the next few weeks/months. There’s a lot of work a head for me on this, but I really believe it’s worth it to help RAG be the biggest and best it can be!

Sticking with RAG, JAILBREAK IS NEARLY HERE! Preparations are very much underway for what I’m hoping to be the biggest Jailbreak ever! If you’re interested in taking part, come along to our info and FAQ session next week, check out the Facebook event for more details.



Thursday was an incredibly busy but productive day! I started the day handing out our lovely Give it a Go booklets and free fruit to the busy bees heading to the library. Give it a Go week is next week and is the perfect way to celebrate the end of exams and assessments by getting involved and trying new things. Regardless of year, course etc - it’s never too late to get involved.

I then ran to Courtyard to have a chat and a cuppa with some lovely people at Mikey’s ActiviTEAS. Was great to hear students’ ideas and opinions but was also super useful to hear concerns and issues you’re facing. You set my agenda so I’ve taken these issues away and getting to work to sort them out.

In the afternoon I was working with some amazing YUSU staff on some very exciting projects that will make a huge impact to student life, including an ONLINE FINANCE SYSTEM(!)  - a manifesto point that is well and truly off the ground and will make such a difference. This term we’ll be getting an idea of what it’ll do/look like exactly before moving on to piloting in term 3. Can’t wait to keep you updated on how this goes. In addition to this I’ve been inputting on YUSU’s Training and Employability plan for the next 2 years which aims to bring all training across the union up to the same standard and be of benefit both for roles but also useful in the future.



Friday was a little less hectic than Thursday so I spent most of the day to focusing on other manifesto projects such as my matchmaker system to make it easier for you to find opportunities relevant and of interest, and my society recognition scheme which will celebrate the amazing work our societies do already, and help to develop societies further.

All the sabbs also had their 360 review. A few weeks ago we each asked up to 30 people from across the university and union to give feedback on how we’re doing and areas they think we’re strong/could do with development. A nerve wracking process but in the end will help us focus and be the best officers we can for you!


So that’s what I’ve been up to. If you want to know more/have any questions about anything else I’ve been up to give me a shout.

See you soon,
Mikey x