My Experience as an English Literature Course Representative

By Ella Garrett

When I joined the University of York I was really anxious about joining societies, making friends and how I could have a positive impact on the community.

After receiving an email from YUSU about Course Reps I knew that it was the perfect opportunity. I had always enjoyed voicing people’s opinions at Sixth Form, I was the Head Girl and the Head of Events Committee, and ensuring that the students were having say in how things are run and making a change is incredibly important to me.

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What to expect from your first year at the University of York

By Ellie Cawte


Sounds beyond daunting, even for me at the thought of doing it again. For my close friends it'll be difficult to believe, but I’m an extremely shy person when it comes to meeting people for the first few times. So starting Uni (especially somewhere over 200 miles away from home) was terrifying to tell you the least. But if you bite the bullet and just go for it, you’ll get so much out of your 'Uni experience'.

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