Viking Raid

Tonight at YUSU we’re looking forward to our annual Viking Raid, our flag ship freshers' event that traditionally welcomes new students to the city. This event fills the city with students in colourful tshirts and takes them to some of York’s best known bars via four routes ending up in three clubs. As with all YUSU events, safety is our first priority.

YUSU have only 4 requests for our students on the 4 routes:

1.Stick to the route

2.Stick together

3.Drink responsibly

4.Have fun

As many students will be aware Ethan Peters, a University of York student, has been missing since Sunday. There is an ongoing police search in town. We’re proceeding with our event after discussion with the university and the police and because we have stewards, professional door safe staff, night safe volunteers, medically trained volunteers- Yormed, great, safe, supportive venues and confidence that our students will be respectful of police and Ethan’s friends and family at this difficult time. If any student has any issue or needs any support throughout the course of the event, they can always raise it with any steward or door staff at any of the venues on any route.

Stay safe and have a great night!