College Committee Elections

College elections are here!! Fancy yourself as a leader or organiser? Then running for your college committee is a great way to get involved!

The JCRC (Junior Common Room Committee) are a team of students committed to improving the student experience of the students in their college. They represent the views of the college membership regarding developments to the college and student life at York, as well as providing engaging and interactive activities such as social events, sports and campaigns.

Each team is split into different sub groups, all with its own purpose and remit. Some of the roles are covered below:

    Each committee has an exec team consisting of the Chair/President, the Vice Chairs/Presidents, the Treasurer and Secretary. These positions are considered vital to the organisation and management of the JCRC.
    This team consists of people who focus on campaigns and activism to make vital change for the student experience. These officers campaign and push for improvements to the wellbeing of students in their college. Officers in this team also represent liberation groups, pushing for action and equality on a university level, and beyond!
    The officers in activities help to put on opportunities for students to engage and interact with the college on a number of different levels. From the RAG officers who work on projects and events to raise money for charity, to the sports officers who help maintain the large college sport system in place.
    The events team have a focus on organising events that students can attend and enjoy. They cover all manor of events; christmas balls, bar crawls, shopping trips and social outings.

If you decide to run for your JCRC you have the chance to learn some great new skills! Leadership, organisation and relationship management are but a few of the great skills that being an officer can provide! 

If you want to find out more about your colleges positions, go to