#Respect York

The Respect York Campaign aims to promote tolerance, inclusivity and harmony here at UoY. We want all students to feel valued and safe, but also empowered to identify discrimination, prejudice and unacceptable behaviour and language. and challenge it head-on. We want students to be proactive in respecting everyone on campus and beyond - this campaign aims to further that ambition and will:

  1. Lobby the University to enable anonymous reporting on campus - sign our petition!

  2. Raise awareness and educate on different types of discrimination and unacceptable behaviours and language.

  3. Empower students with practical information and resources on how to be an active bystander and how to be more inclusive in the knowledge that they have the power to make change.


Sign our petition

Anonymous Reporting - why is it important?

After two years of unsuccessful work aiming to achieve anonymized reporting for students through the student misconduct form, we are now calling for long overdue radical action in this area as a whole.

Please sign our petition here and read the full details of the measures we’re calling for