The Kitchen at Alcuin

Opened in 2013, The Kitchen at Alcuin is YUSU’s most recent commercial outlet. Situated in Alcuin College at the top of the rise above University road, it has a lovely view over the south part of the campus.

Providing a shabby-chic relaxed ambience, The Kitchen is a perfect place for a sit down in between lectures to taste the finest coffee and tea on campus, or to grab something on the go. With comfy sofas, tables, chairs and breakfast bar style seating there is plenty of room to study, relax and enjoy the scenery.

The Kitchen boasts a wide range of fair-trade coffees, from espressos to lattes, cappuccinos to americanos and much much more. If that does not take your fancy then why not try some of our flavoured teas or a cold soft drinks from our fridge?

When you get hungry, the Kitchen has a selection of freshly-made baguettes, bagels, warm paninis, and salads, as well as specials throughout the year. Earlier on in the morning, we have a selection of breakfast items for you to eat in or grab and go before a lecture, including deals on breakfast baguettes and hot drinks as well as pastries. For those with a sweet tooth we have excellent fresh muffins and sweet pastries.

The Kitchen is part of the YUSU Commercial Services family and proudly runs on a ‘Not for Profit Just for Students’ ethos. Every £1 spent at one of our venues gets put back into the students’ union and your student activities!

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 08.30 to 16:00

Saturday: Closed

 Sunday: Closed

Contact Info

Dan Bowley, Manager


01904 321740