YOYO Wallet


YUSU commercial services are introducing a new of paying. It’s faster. It’s easier. And you can get it on your phone. It's now going to be running across all YUSU CS venues. That’s from YUSU Shop to the Kitchen, and all the bars in between.

And it’s called Yoyo.

Download it here!!


Yoyo is a mobile app that lets you pay for your food, drink and shop stuff on your phone. A bit like PayPal, you link it with your card, come place your order at one of our bars, or head to the checkout at YUSU shop, and instead of using your card to pay, simply scan your personalised code from your phone and that’s it! Order placed, meal deal purchased. No faff. No fuss. Efficient, fast service.

Yoyo doesn’t just make paying easier; it means you’ll never lose your coffee card again. Every time you buy a hot drink, Yoyo will give you a stamp automatically. 8 hot drinks later, and you’ll be sippin’ a cappuccino on us. We might even extend this to Courtyard burgers…

And better yet, Yoyo lets you track what you buy across all our venues so you can start earning points and getting rewards for sticking with YUSU. The more you spend, the better your prize! Just like a Tesco Clubcard, keep building your points and you’ll get some great deals, redeemable across all YUSU venues. Get rewarded for supporting your Student Union.

Not convinced? Download Yoyo to start paying, and in Freshers week you could be drinking some Coors. Totally free. To say thanks for giving Yoyo a try.

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