Goodricke Junior Common Room

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Goodricke College prides itself on inclusivity and equal opportunities for all members of the college and is not just simply accommodation but a community. The Goodricke JCRC represents Goodricke students by liaising with the College Team, YUSU, and the University to make sure that your student voice is heard here at York. Besides representing students, the JCRC also runs various events throughout the year. Getting involved with the JCRC is a great way to make a difference during your time at university while also gaining experience in skills such as team work and event management.

Contact Info:

Contact the secretary for queries relating to the committee:; please contact the college team if you need help outside of the committee

Committee info

The Goodricke JCRC represents all undergraduate students in Goodricke College. The committee has weekly meeting to organise the various events that we run throughout the year, some of our larger events included fresher’s week, formals and Goodfest, a free music festival at the end of exams. We also organise smaller events that happen throughout the term such as social, mixers and free food events.  

Chair: Chris Littlewood

Vice-Chair Service: Jemima Beaumont

Vice-Chair Community and Wellbeing: Kimberley Sanderson 

Secretary: Lucas North 

Treasurer: Georgia Coll

Entertainment Officers: Emma Waterman, Harley Cyster-White, Louise Williams, Lucy Brierley and Rachel Wood

RAG and Volunteering Officers: Laura Allison and Nathalie Morse

Female Wellbeing Officer: Tanya Nyatanga

Male Wellbeing Officer: Jack Woodruff

BAME Officer: Kelly Kiesewetter

Disability Officer: Kimberly Miller

International Officers: Arjun Bhaga and Kalejhi Kasuka

Janet Baker Court Rep: Craig Pemberton

Kenneth Dixon Court Rep: George Tattersall and Millie Etherington

Merchandise Officer: Beth Quinn and Romina Noli

Sponsorship Officer: Jack Manton

Webmaster: Jacob Allen