Halifax College Students' Association

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Halifax has a rich heritage; it was established as a College in 2001 when individual accommodation courts on the site merged. This means we have had students living here and calling Halifax home since 1996.

Halifax is all about community - from the way the courts are designed to focus around their own courtyard, to the built-in BBQ’s and pergolas, to the events which are run by the students for the students throughout the year in JJ’s, we are a very sociable college.

Being the biggest college, there is always someone in Halifax who has the same passion as you. From volleyball to journalism, cocktail making to juggling, out of the 850 new undergraduates and 200 postgraduates that Halifax welcomes each year, you’re bound to find someone who shares your interests.

Halifax’s College themes are Active Living, Creativity and Leadership this means that on arrival most students sign up for a college sport and we will encourage you to do the same - especially something you haven’t tried before! Similarly at events such as our summer festival we have creative activities and welcome students to put productions on in Halifax throughout the year. Finally, we also put on CV building workshops and careers meetings for our students, to ensure that Faxers get the most out of their college experience!

The location of Halifax is one our most important assets, being five minutes south of main campus means we are surrounded by vast green spaces, and the whole site has a relaxed, friendly feel to it. To the west we have the University sports ground (22 acres), to the south we have direct access to the Outgang park and grounds, and to the East is the beautiful Heslington Village which has shops, pubs, a post office and several banks. On top of all that Halifax has all the amenities a student would ever need: a computer room, work spaces, the biggest common room on campus (JJ’s), a NISA convenience shop, a free-to-pick allotment for students and our own laundry room.

Our motto is ‘Fortior Simul’ - Stronger Together, and we think being the biggest (and best!) college on campus helps to make the experiences Halifax students have at York even better.