College Sport

Without a shadow of doubt, one of the most beneficial parts of York’s collegiate system is the sporting opportunities offered to each and every one of you through college sport. Regardless of age, gender or ability, students here at York have the opportunity to take part in a range of sports in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Whether you want to play competitively or for fun, there is something for every ability with college sport. 

Throughout the year, all nine colleges compete in a range of sports, with the standard improving year on year as more people embrace the fantastic opportunities presented by college sport. Currently there are twenty-one leagues, with weekly fixtures. We also hold tournaments throughout the year as an opportunity to gain more college sport points and have fun with your team. In addition, the annual College Varsity tournament against Durham University is not only a great opportunity to compete against a different collegiate system, but also allows teams to showcase their abilities, and the strength of our college sport system, whilst defending York's title of College Varsity 2016 champions. 

The results of every competition are compiled together to determine who will be crowned inter-college sports champion at the end of the year. Last year, we saw James College crowned champions. Now it’s up to you to help your college to become the next champions, and everyone can play their part!

College sport is all about inclusivity. It is open to absolutely everyone; whoever you are and whatever you like, we have something for you. This is a great opportunity to try something new, make friends and most of all have a great time!

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