YUSU Societies are a fantastic hub of activity. From performances to political action there really is something for everyone.

With approximately 200 groups, you can be part of a community on campus. We also encourage new societies to set-up (c’mon Pizza appreciation).

So many students say their best time at University was being part of a society. Make some memories and add something to your CV by being part of great student-led activity. 

Societies A-Z

Excuse us for boasting, but we’re pretty proud of our national award winning societies. What makes them so great is that the people behind them are so dedicated to being the best – we know you’ll love them, so have a look at our A-Z:


How can I join a Society?

You can join all societies online by selecting the 'Join Online' button on their page. 

At Freshers' Fair

At the start of the year during Freshers' Week we organise a massive Freshers's Fair on the Saturday. You can meet all our great societies there. 




How Societies get ratified

  • Students find a committee of 3 people to run a new society
  • They put in an application on the form
  • Societies committee ratify new societies

Soceities get ratified by societies committee* 3 times a year. To start, a society need to meet certain criteria, detailed in the guide included above on this page. 

*8 students that have been elected.


Everything you need to know about running a society can be found in the resource hub.

It should be your first stop to see if you can find the information you need. 




If you have any questions email James, -  Student Opportunities Development Coordinator (Societies, Student Media, Student Development)

Here are the quick links to those forms you have to get to all the time.

NOTE: Some of these require you to be on campus or to be accessing campus through a VPN.

Please use the guides if you have issues with the links and if you can’t find the information in them only then contact James.

Events Management Form - How To Use Guide

Planon (Booking Rooms) - How to Use Guide

Off Campus Events Form

Meet the Committee

Academic and Educational Rep
Sam Linley

Arts and Cultural Rep
Fionnuala Brennan

Campaigning and Political Rep
Beth Wright

Faith Rep
Aminah Abdelhamid

Games and Fandom Rep
Chloe Hann

International Rep
Leena-Louise Agunabor

Music and Performance Rep
Joe Mcneice

Special Interest Rep
Daniel Bowen

The societies committee are here to support all societies that fit into their respective categories. What the Committee does

If you can't find the society you want to join, ask them as they might know if it exists!