YorActive Trail

The YorActive Trail is a 5km route stretching from the York Sport Centre on Heslington West to the York Sport Village on Heslington East. The route encompasses various fun and interactive fitness equipment stations. There are currently two stations of equipment (a Pull up Station on the entrance to 22 acres and Log Hurdles on the entrance to Heslington East). The trail aims to encourage as many people to get active by walking, running or biking the route. So, whichever method you choose, have a fantastic time getting active on YorActive Trail!

The route is marked out with arrows so you know which direction to run! The trail is open 24 hours a day and is completely free for all to use. Why not give it a go? Invite friends, housemates, family or colleagues to use it. Take photos, splash it all over social media and shout loudly about the positive benefits of how getting physically active can improve your wellbeing. 

The YorActive Trail was officially opened on Thursday 23rd June 2016 and Here is the article in the York Press