Student Media

At York Univeristy, you’re incredibly lucky to be able to join our award winning YUSU student media groups. Whether you want to write for a magazine or be a producer of your own show, there are fantastic opportunities to get involved with no experience necessary.

Media Groups


How can I join a Media Group?

You can join all media groups online by selecting the 'Join Online' button on their page. 

At Freshers' Fair

At the start of the year during Freshers' Week we organise a massive Freshers's Fair on the Saturday. You can meet all our great media groups and societies there. 


Everything you need to know about running a Media Group can be found in the resource hub (Coming Soon).

It should be your first stop to see if you can find the information you need. 


Resource Hub


If you have any questions email James, -  Student Opportunities Development Coordinator (Societies, Student Media, Student Development)

Here are the quick links to those forms you have to get to all the time.

NOTE: Some of these require you to be on campus or to be accessing campus through a VPN.

Please use the guides if you have issues with the links and if you can’t find the information in them only then contact James.

Events Management Form - How To Use Guide

Planon (Booking Rooms) - How to Use Guide

Off Campus Events Form

Meet the Committee

The Media Committee approve all new media groups, determine grants and develop the governance of student media. Each media group has their own rep, but there are also deputy-chairs for Print and Multimedia.


Print Media Rep
Finn Judge


Multimedia Rep
Kaja Harton

If you would like to set up a new media group, please get in touch with the relevant committee member.