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It is so important that the student voice is listened to at every level so that everyone can have the best experience while at the University of York. A pretty important part of student life is studying, so it makes sense that the largest number of YUSU student reps are here to improve the learning and teaching experience.

What is an Academic Rep?

What are Academic Reps?

What is an Academic Rep?

Get involved

What is an Academic Rep?

Resources for Reps

Have your say

The one thing all Academic Reps need to be able to do their job is student feedback, without your voice they cannot represent you. Whether it's a question about how to submit an assessment online, a grumble about a lack of resources or an idea on how a module could be better - your Reps want to know!

Ways to feedback

For more info contact:
e: engagement@yusu.org
f: yusuacademicreps
t: @YUSUCourseReps