The Advice & Support Centre at the Students’ Union (YUSU) is a free, independent and confidential service. Any information that any student provides in one-to-one appointment, phone or email will not be shared outside the service without your written consent. The exception to this is where there is immediate risk of serious harm to yourself or others, in which case information may need to be shared with other responsible parties to ensure the safety of those involved. ASC advisors would normally seek your permission to break confidentiality, unless there are grounds for believing that you are not able to take responsibility for your own actions, or that seeking such permission may substantially worsen the situation.

Due to the nature of ASC staffing, it may be necessary for casework to be shared across the team to ensure that you receive a full and prompt service, irrespective of the unavailability or absence of individual advisors.


Case Records

Advisors will keep a record of any meetings, phone calls or drop-ins, advice offered and any action to be taken. If you contact ASC, you will be asked to complete a confidential advice record before we are able to advise you. All of these details will be kept confidential, following Data Protection 1988 guidelines. These records can only be accessed by the advisors at the Advice and Support Centre, and the student (if they request access to them). Records can be shared with people outside the service, but only with written consent from the student, or in very rare cases where there is immediate risk of serious harm to the student or others that necessitates the sharing of information.

We monitor data anonymously to feedback trends and issues to the University, help inform campaigns and generate reports and statistics. Individual students cannot be identified from these reports.